FIGHT BACK (March 15th Report Back)

Posted: March 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

Let us begin by expressing our solidarity to the 250+ who were arrested in Montréal during the 15 Mars Manifestation Contre la Brutalité Policiéire.

At 9:00 PM, a small group of anarchists that numbered around two or three dozen took the streets, with black flags and banners that read “FIGHT B(A)CK” and “Anti-Capitalist Anti-Police.” We marched south on Broadway, chanting “Anticapitalista,” “No Justice No Peace Fuck the Police,” and “All Cops Are Bastards ACAB.” We made our way down to the OPD station at 7th & Broadway, where we confronted maybe ten riot police. The cops appeared to be on the defensive, so after a few minutes we made our way north on Franklin. “FTP” was written with impressively large font across a Chase bank, and some of its windows were broken. Multiple ATMs along Franklin were vandalized, Oakland Tribune had some of its windows shattered. Union Bank had its front door smashed, Some windows on the Bank of California were broken. But this is an incomplete list of actions we’re sure. As we passed the park at 19th & Telegraph, we decided it was a good time to disperse as many police cars were speeding around the area. There were no arrests as far as we know [now confirmed.]

We would like to thank the comrades who showed up, the NLG for lending us a legal observer. Much love and solidarity to everyone who demonstrates against the system, today or any day.

  1. Alan Kurtz says:

    Shortly after the march, Oakland Tribune/Inside Bay Area headlined their report “Occupy Oakland protesters march in Downtown, vandalize banks” and said there were “roughly 40 to 50 Occupy Oakland protesters.”

    Within an hour, Bay Area RAC commented at IndyBay, “This action was NOT organized by, with, or at all involving melvin or anyone with the TAC or OO media or anything. We can’t stop them from coming, supporting, or trying to advertise the action.”

    Twelve hours later, a follow-up Oakland Tribune/Inside Bay Area article was headlined “Oakland: No arrests after ‘anti-capitalist’ marchers smash windows, vandalize ATMs” and reported it was organized by the Bay Area Radical Action Committee.

    The media’s confusion between Bay Area RAC and Occupy Oakland was inevitable, given the history of FTP marches every Saturday night during the first half of 2012 organized by Occupy Oakland’s Tactical Action Committee.

    It would likewise take a series of regular actions to establish Bay Area RAC’s identity as separate from Occupy Oakland.

    Was March 15 a one-off or will Bay Area RAC conduct weekly Friday night FTP marches in downtown Oakland?

    • bayarearac says:

      We don’t know why we’re taking the time to respond to the infamous troll, but we can’t help it.

      The post about us not being organized by the TAC or OO media was in response to someone saying that Melvin (of the OOTAC) was responsible for organizing the action, and we wanted to set them straight. we did not read the corporate media reports until much after this comment was made.

      That said, it’s very important to separate Occupy Oakland from our action. Unfortunately, it’s easier to just claim it’s OO every time a window breaks in downtown. We also have not caught wind of Inside Bay Area correcting their article, but there were some people upset by the confusion.

      We do not plan on conducting weekly marches, FTP or otherwise, as we do not see it as a valuable tactic. Our demonstration was to recognize International Day Against Police Brutality, which has been March 15 for almost twenty years now.

  2. nbschiff says:

    I assume that BARAC is a front for the glass replacement businesses of Oakland. They are the only ones benefitting from this silliness.

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