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Both corporate media reports about our protest (only one is linked cause we couldn’t find the other) estimate the attendance of our protest at 40-50, while even our own report back didn’t try to claim such numbers. Perhaps they are so embarrassed such a small crowd was able to get away unscathed? Or perhaps we just have poor math skills! Thanks CBS for the lulz!


Let us begin by expressing our solidarity to the 250+ who were arrested in Montréal during the 15 Mars Manifestation Contre la Brutalité Policiéire.

At 9:00 PM, a small group of anarchists that numbered around two or three dozen took the streets, with black flags and banners that read “FIGHT B(A)CK” and “Anti-Capitalist Anti-Police.” We marched south on Broadway, chanting “Anticapitalista,” “No Justice No Peace Fuck the Police,” and “All Cops Are Bastards ACAB.” We made our way down to the OPD station at 7th & Broadway, where we confronted maybe ten riot police. The cops appeared to be on the defensive, so after a few minutes we made our way north on Franklin. “FTP” was written with impressively large font across a Chase bank, and some of its windows were broken. Multiple ATMs along Franklin were vandalized, Oakland Tribune had some of its windows shattered. Union Bank had its front door smashed, Some windows on the Bank of California were broken. But this is an incomplete list of actions we’re sure. As we passed the park at 19th & Telegraph, we decided it was a good time to disperse as many police cars were speeding around the area. There were no arrests as far as we know [now confirmed.]

We would like to thank the comrades who showed up, the NLG for lending us a legal observer. Much love and solidarity to everyone who demonstrates against the system, today or any day.

Pre-Action Communique

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Just over one week away from when we will be taking the streets against capitalism and repression, and we hope you will join us! We would like to touch on somethings first, however:

1. The Anarchist Cafe. We realize that the cafe starts at 7:00 PM and is all the way across the bay from our action at 8:00 PM. However, we would like to console people that the march will not leave before 9:00 PM, giving people some time to hurry over and attend both. We hope that some kind people will take it upon themselves to carpool or something similar to help people get from one event to the other. We understand those attending the cafe from the east bay will not be eager to get back so soon, and we apologize for the scheduling issue. It is truly an unfortunate coincidence.

2. March Against Berkeley Police. Three days before our action, on Tuesday there will be a march starting from People’s Park at 6:30 PM against the police’s murder of Kayla Moore, a transgender woman. We support this action, (though it is not ours) and the group’s call for a  Queer/Trans/Woman/POC bloc on March 15th. More info on the event is here.

3. Syria. It has come to our attention that March 15th is also the second anniversary of the Syrian uprising. While we do not know of any local demonstrations, we would ve excited to see an bloc of radical Arabs/Muslims in solidarity with those in Syria fighting for liberation. 

See you in the streets!

Solidarity Means Attack!

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Anti-Capitalist Rally & March Against Police Repression

All over the world, left-wing and anarchist activists are facing ever-growing repression from the capitalist state and its agents: the police. In the bay, we face our own struggles as our self-organized spaces are evicted, and our comrades are dragged through the legal system and put behind bars. We must stand strong in the face of the enemy.

Solidarity means attack!

March 15th • 8:00PM • OGP